The Safe Company offers high quality safes, safe opening, sales and installation, as well as various locksmith services.

The Safe Company Protects Your Property and Belongings

We offer feature-packed burglary and fire-resistant safes.

Whether you’re an individual keeping family heirlooms and keepsakes or a business that securing valuable resources and assets, our products can provide the right kind of protection. The most common dangers to your valuables and property are burglars and fire. We have feature-heavy safes with high density composite doors, which offers great protection against brute force burglaries, and up to one hour of protection against fire.

Our safes have 2″ door slabs, a composite body, and dual locking function with bolt control and unique anchoring. The safes are resistant against prying and comes with anti-theft security. We have options for commercial and residential use, and can offer different sized models depending on customer needs and budget.


Our products can have digital push button locks with intuitive and programmable combinations, multiple user interfaces, time delay, and auditing. We install products from quality brands like LaGard, Kaba Mas, and Sargent & Greenleaf.

The IronClad safes we offer comes with a revolutionary security platform, without sacrificing ease of installation. They come with four point anchoring systems and pry-resistant features, making them resistant against power tool-assisted burglaries.

Ironclad safes feature high security construction using density aggregate compound, 2″ think barrier walls and door slab, Security Installation Platform (SIP) floor bolts anti-theft security, 3-way bolt work with 1.25″ chrome plated bolts, auto-lock bolt deterrent which keep bolts extended when closed and retracted when open, auto firing passive relocker, high tensile strength drill resistant hard-plate, stainless steel polished fascia panel, adjustable shelves, U.L. listed group II combination lock with satin finish dial, dial ring and handle, high security key lock, one hour fire rating at 1500 degrees incorporating expandable fire gasket.


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Safes are all about protection. And while we do offer affordable solutions for budget-strapped clients, it is best to avoid making purchasing choices purely on cost-savings. When it comes to protection, you have to make smart purchasing decisions.

The current safe market is full of bootleg products and fakes that use substandard materials, and provide no security features or even actual protection. The most obvious sign that you are dealing with a fake is that the safes tend to be ridiculously inexpensive.

This is why it is important to buy safes from The Safe Company. We’ll give you cost-effective products, but all of our products are genuine and quality goods. You can examine the safes yourself and see that unlike fake safes, our products cannot be pried open by a couple of inexperienced criminals armed with nothing more than a crowbar. We care about protecting the things that you care about, and we show it by giving you the most robust safes with unmistakably high end security features and top-of-the-line materials.