Rhino RSX6030

60"H x 30"W x 25"D | 80 Minute Fire Rating

Elevate your firearm storage with the Rhino RSX6030 Gun Safe. Standing at a robust 60 inches in height, 30 inches in width, and 25 inches in depth, this safe is a symbol of precision engineering, offering superior security and an impressive 80-minute fire rating.

Optimized Dimensions: With its meticulously optimized dimensions of 60″H x 30″W x 25″D, the Rhino RSX6030 Gun Safe ensures efficient utilization of space while accommodating various firearms. Its purposeful design guarantees secure storage without compromising accessibility.

Unyielding Security Features: Crafted with precision, the Rhino RSX6030 Gun Safe sets a new standard in safeguarding your firearms. The innovative security features provide an impenetrable barrier against unauthorized access, ensuring the utmost protection for your valuable collection.

Extended 80-Minute Fire Rating: With an impressive 80-minute fire rating, this gun safe offers a reliable protective shield for your firearms in the event of a fire emergency. Your valuable collection remains secure, reflecting Rhino’s commitment to uncompromising safety.

Substantial Weight: Weighing in at a sturdy 640 lbs, the Rhino RSX6030 Gun Safe ensures both security and stability. The substantial weight acts as a deterrent against tampering, ensuring the safe remains steadfast in the face of potential threats.

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