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Buying a jewelry safe for your valuables is an important decision that must be taken seriously. Home safes are not impulse purchases. If you buy one, it’s supposed to last you a long time. Really good home safes are built for life. High-quality safes for jewels do not give you any reason to replace them, and their failure means the loss of very important and costly items. 

There is a wide range of home safes that vary in size, function, and complexity. There is no single safe that can accommodate the needs and budget of everyone. In order to get the best home safe, you have to take a few things into consideration.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Residential Safe

One of the most important factors to consider is what you plan to keep inside the safe. The valuables you want to keep inside a safe will determine what kind of protection the safe will have. Do you need something that focuses on securing the content or something that protects against fire? Safes will have different fire ratings. The better the fire rating, the better the protection will be for documents, cash, or other flammable items. You need to go as high as you can afford if you are storing large amounts of cash, title deeds, bonds, and other expensive yet highly flammable items. Safes are also rated for insurance. This “insurance rating” tells the recommended value of the content. So make sure you get a safe with an insurance value commensurate with the value of the content.

Think of the biggest thing you want to put in your safe, then think of an allowance to accommodate additional items you want to put inside the safe. Consider that you are buying a safe that will last you a lifetime, so make sure you will not outgrow its size. You don’t want a safe that you will have to replace after a few years, because it can be expensive and you might not have enough space to accommodate another safe. A safe that’s also cramped and full will be difficult to use, because you won’t be able to take things out of it without taking out other content.

The location of a jewelry safe is also an important factor. The surface that you will install the safe in must be as solid as possible. Because it does not matter how sturdy your safe is, it’s still useless if burglars can just chip away at the surface it’s installed in, then carry it away as a whole. You should consult a Home Safe expert to secure the safe to either the concrete floor or a chipboard floor. You also need to ensure that the safe is easy to reach, yet away from the eyes of visitors. Bedrooms are good places, because they are usually out of reach from visitors.

The people who will have access to your jewel safe should also be a consideration. Your choice of locking mechanism should be ideal for every one who will be given access to the safe and its contents. If one of the people with access has poor eyesight, you might not want a locking mechanism that is difficult to make out at first glance. If you plan to store the safe in a dimly lit location, you should install lighting. Whatever kind of locking mechanism you use, make sure you consult with a reliable home safe company.

The frequency of access is also an important consideration. If it is going to be accessed every day, you need to keep a log of times. If you are not planning to get it opened regularly and only need it opened at specific times, you can get a time delay mechanism lock. The frequency of use will also affect the choice of location. Safes that are not opened regularly can be installed in hard to reach places, but safes that need frequent access should be installed in an accessible area.

Regardless of how secure your safe is, or the manner in which it is installed, set up and located can still compromise it. It is a good idea to always get the services of home safes experts such as The Safe Company. We will help you purchase and install a home safe properly, and there will be no danger of voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.


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Home Safe Price Budget Considerations

There are many home owners who dismiss home safes as an unnecessary expense. While it is true that you need to spend money on a residential safe, you also need to consider the losses if your valuables are damaged, lost, or stolen. If your valuables are worth $10,000, it is reasonable to expect to spend a bit of money to protect it and keep it from getting stolen. If you have $10,000 in cash, are you willing to store it under your bed or in a drawer?

The real question is not whether you are willing to spend money on protecting your valuables. The true question is just how much should you spend. The Safe Company understands that you need to be wise with spending money. So we will help you find a home safe that fits your budget, while having the right kind of security and protection that you need. Contact us today and we will gladly walk you through the process.


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