Like a great wine cellar or scotch barrel, effectively dried and treated marijuana is best when kept in a cool, dark location. While there is no exact expiration date for marijuana, if you store it properly, it may last anywhere from 6 months to one year before the strength and taste are reduced.

If you wish to keep your Cannabis fresh and viable for a long time while in storage, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Yucaipa Marijuana Dispensary Safes & Vaults

Protect Your Cannabis with a Dispensary Vault

Ensure you have legible labels on all of your cannabis items. All legal cannabis products will have a label. Make sure these are all easy to understand. There should be no room for even the smallest mistake or misunderstanding. If you are making your own cannabis products, it will also help to label them.

Humidity control is critical to keeping mildew and other mold impurities far from your cannabis. Keeping your cannabis saved in a controlled environment with the correct relative humidity (RH) can be challenging. The basic agreement is to keep cannabis between 59% and 63% RH when saved to keep and enhance color, aroma, consistency, and taste.

Keeping your RH listed below 65% minimizes the possibilities for mold to happen. There is a risk of all the important oils drying out if the RH level drops too low because too low RH will make the trichomes fragile.

Ensure your marijuana items are saved in a place that is child-resistant, for obvious reasons. For starters, kids must never have access to marijuana. The second and more important reason is that you will encounter difficulty with the law if your marijuana is quickly accessible to kids. Make sure your cannabis products are appropriately resealed and stored in a child-safe location after use. You ought to think about buying high-quality marijuana safe.

Damaging UV rays can destroy lots of organic and synthetic materials. This is akin to your turf turning brown at the end of a long sunny summer season, or how your car’s paint begins to fade when it is not garaged, UV rays will lead to your cannabis decaying over time.

Light is easily one of the strongest destroyers of cannabinoid. This means you can preserve your products for up to two years if you keep it protected from harmful light, as this means the vital oils will take a longer time to break down. Keeping your cannabis out of direct light will likewise help you manage the temperature.

While marijuana needs oxygen throughout curing and growing, keeping your marijuana in a container such as a Mason jar with simply the right amount of air is important to keep it fresh and true to its original kind. 

Be careful of excessive air because it can accelerate the degradation process when cannabinoids are overexposed to oxygen. There is a range of hand and electric vacuum pump attachments available for canning containers that will help you minimize oxygen direct exposure.

Use the Right Cannabis Safe Size

When it comes to a safe for a cannabis dispensary, not all safes are equivalent. You may require a big safe that can accommodate many products and workers who are entering the safe if you run a big dispensary. However, if your operation is on a smaller sized scale, you might require a smaller safe.

Despite what kind of Cannabis Safe or Dispensary rise you select, you must always remember its crucial purpose: A vault supplies a vital level of security and might be your last line of defense versus attacks or unforeseen catastrophes as earthquakes, fires, and floods. If you want to safeguard your cannabis products and your income, invest in an excellent Cannabis safe.



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Your Marijuana Safe Need To Have Shelvings

The organization of your dispensary is invaluable. You need to keep your item organized, and this is enabled by shelving for your safe. The shelving is perfect for rows of an item and optimal area performance within the safe. We provide steel shelves that enable us to increase the capability of your safe to the maximum. Flanges can be added to the metal racks permitting you to include names and item descriptions for even better organization.

Depend On Thick Steel to Protect Your Dispensary

Numerous safes on the marketplace are made from thin steel that can be vulnerable to break-ins. It would be best to have a safe made of thick steel when you’re storing a highly looked for after item like marijuana. This will protect your cannabis products from people who want to do a quick grab and smash. Your item will be safely stored inside the safe. Don’t make the mistake of using a safe made of thin steel that can be opened with tools such as axes, sledgehammers, and crowbars. 


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