Hollon Dominion 11

55"H x 17 3/8"W x 16"D | 30 Minute Fire Rating

Enhance your firearm storage with the Hollon Dominion 11 Gun Safe. Standing at a compact 55 inches in height, 17 3/8 inches in width, and 16 inches in depth, this safe is a testament to thoughtful design, offering reliable security and a practical 30-minute fire rating.

Optimized Dimensions: With its meticulously optimized dimensions of 55″H x 17 3/8″W x 16″D, the Hollon Dominion 11 Gun Safe ensures efficient use of space while providing secure storage for your firearms. Its purposeful design guarantees accessibility without compromising on security.

Uncompromising Security Features: Crafted with precision, the Hollon Dominion 11 Gun Safe sets a high standard for safeguarding your firearms. The security features provide a robust barrier against unauthorized access, ensuring the utmost protection for your valuable collection.

Practical 30-Minute Fire Rating: With a practical 30-minute fire rating, this gun safe offers reliable protection for your firearms in the event of a fire emergency. Your valuable collection remains secure, reflecting Hollon’s commitment to safety and peace of mind.

Manageable Weight: Weighing in at a manageable 290 lbs, the Hollon Dominion 11 Gun Safe strikes a balance between security and practicality. The weight adds an extra layer of stability, ensuring the safe remains steadfast in the face of potential threats.

Choose the Hollon Dominion 11 Gun Safe for a commendable combination of security, fire endurance, and thoughtful design. With its optimized dimensions, practical fire rating, manageable weight, and reliable security features, this safe is the ideal choice for responsible gun owners seeking a high standard in firearm safety and protection. Elevate your firearm storage experience with the Hollon Dominion 11 Gun Safe – where security meets peace of mind.

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